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Beauty Parlour Services at Home

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Grooming has become an indispensable part of one's routine and bringing beauty parlours at home are the various salons. The services offered by these salons make the process of grooming rather convenient. These salons bring the beauty parlour services at the doorstep assisting one in having a rejuvenating experience without having to step out of the house.

From beauty parlours that offer salon services at home for only men or women to unisex establishments, the choices are plenty. The services that can be availed include basic grooming as well as advanced services such as hair cut, head massage, waxing, threading, facial, manicure, pedicure, reflexology and de-tanning procedures among others.

By means of this service, one need not fret about reaching the salon and travelling back after the service. These services are offered by a number of established chains of salons as well as by local ones. The various salons that help in bringing the services of beauty parlours at home in New Delhi are listed above.

Get the best beauty parlour services at home in New Delhi

Experts recommend that it is important to follow a beauty regime on a regular basis. Some on a daily basis, some weekly and others on monthly basis. A number of women follow beauty regimes for their skin and hair. Beauticians recommend beauty regimes to be followed at least on a monthly basis.

Everyday chores and professional commitments consume almost all the time you have in the day. You are barely left with a few hours to sit down for a meal or do laundry at the max. Time that you would like to have to relax for a bit or treat yourself to a little pampering becomes hard to find. It is important to treat yourself well and maintain a good beauty regime.

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Q. How to hire a professional from Local Vyapar?

Since we connect you with the best service professional, we need your requirements in a detailed manner. So first you insert your search in the search bar and fill up the details asked in the form. You need to fill up your location so that we can match with the best service professional near by you. After submitting the details, matched professionals will get in touch with you and you can check, compare their ratings, reviews, quotes and hire the right professional.

Q. Why LocalVyapar?

- We follow certain parameters and process to onboard service professionals on our platform which includes not only their portfolio, document verification but also their background checks to ensure the best quality for our customer.

- We make sure about delivering services with in your budget and that's why keep the affordablity factor in mind while onboarding the professionals and designing the further process.

- Customers are the top most priority for LocalVyapar and we make sure about 100% customer satisfaction and assist our customers personally if required anytime.

- We closely monitor all our service professionals and the services delivered by them. We have strict guidelines for them to follow and to maintain the quality standard we take strong actions against like blacklist, refund, penalty on them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How the payments will be done for service?

The service professional will send you the link via sms or email where from you can pay the amount through credit card, debit card, netbanking and you can also pay by cash when service professional come to your doorstep. 

Q. Will I be able to see the portfolio and discuss with the professional before hiring?

Yes. You can check their portfolio or even can ask them to share more work once you get the contact details of service professional. You can have a detailed discussion before hiring any service professional.

Q. Why are the benefits of maintaining a good beauty regime?

Your hair and skin go through a daily battle with the pollution outside, weather change and lifestyle irregularities. Each of these factors play a role in having an effect on your hair and skin. These are some of the benefits of having a regular hair and skin care routine.

Detox- Because of all the dirt and pollution that you are open to, your hair and skin face a great amount of damage. A lot of it settles in the pores of your skin and tends to build up a lot of toxins. Skin and hair treatments can detox your body of all these impurities and restore its healthy state.

Infections- An accumulation of impurities in the pores of your skin, on your scalp and under your nails can cause severe infections if not treated correctly or on a regular basis. If left unattended, they can turn out to be quite painful.

Acne- Acne is caused because of a number of reasons. Some of them are hormonal imbalance and the other is lifestyle and pollution. Regardless of the reason, having acne can have a serious effect on confidence. Having clean and glowing skin is something that every person enjoys and through the best recommended skin regimes, you can keep a control on the acne problems you are facing.

Dead skin- Dead skin is formed when the skin weathers due to climate change as well as regular roughening up through the day. When skin is not cleaned and exfoliated it turns into dead skin. This layer of skin tends to make the skin look dull. It also doesn't allow the fresh layer of skin underneath to breathe.

Hairfall- Hairfall is one of the most common problems faced by many people. This is not only because of climate change but because of stress and lifestyle. These cause your hair follicles to become weak which in turn causes you to experience hairfall. Having your hair and scalp treated to the right treatment can strengthen the hair follicles and save you from losing an unwanted amount of hair.

For all these reasons and more, it is important to have a regular skin and hair routine. The places offering services of beauty parlours at home in New Delhi have some of the best beauty regimes that will leave your hair and skin feeling rejuvenated.

Q. What are the services offered by beauty parlours at home?

These places offering beauty services at home, add convenience to your life. They make it easier for you to enjoy your time for personal pampering without having to make an exceptional amount og adjustment to your commitments. They come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and make sure that you are able to get all the necessary hair and skin treatments to feel relaxed and refreshed. They save up on a lot of your time and energy that you would spend travelling to the salon and back.

These are some of the main services they offer you.

Waxing - This service would include the waxing of arms, legs, underarms and back. They have packages where you can choose to have a full body wax too. Some of them also give you the choice of having a normal wax, a Reca wax or a chocolate wax done. There are some places that also offer the Brazillian wax and the bikini wax.

Q. How much does waxing cost?

Half arms or legs - Rs. 250

Full arms or legs - Rs. 350

Threading - This is among the most common salon services that many women opt for. This includes the threading of eyebrows, upper lip and the rest of the face too. In New Delhi beauty parlour services at home can be found quite easily.

Q. How much does threading cost?

Eyebrows - Rs. 40

Upper lip - Rs. 30

Massages - Included under this segment are head massages and body massages. This is a great skin care routine as the muscles of the body are relaxed through the massage. Head and neck massages are also very popular. Desk jobs more frequently, causes immense strain on the neck and hence a neck massage becomes almost neccesary to relieve the strain.

Q. How much does a massage cost?

Basic massage - Rs. 1200

Manicures and pedicures - Manicures or pedicures are done in order to sustain the health of your finger nails and toe nails. Other than cleaning the nail surface, it exfoliates all the dead skin that is accumulated, cleans the nail bed and removal of skin growth under the nail.

Q. How much does a manicure and pedicure cost?

Classic pedicure - Rs. 600

Classic manicure - Rs. 500

Bleach, facials and clean ups - Your face is the most exposed part of your body to pollution. Being exposed to so much of smoke and dust, the pores of your face tend to get clogged and damaged. This causes a lot of irritation to the skin. Having a clean up or facial done cleans the pores and closes them up so that there is lesser space for dirt to enter. These treatments exfoliate the dead skin and rejuvenate it.

Q. How much does bleach, facials and clean ups cost?

Fruit clean up - Rs. 750

Tan clear facial - Rs. 1700

Hair spa and hair colour - These places also offer you great haircare regimes. You can opt for a hair colour to be done or even a hair spa. A hair spa helps in rejuvenating lip, dry and frizzy hair.

Q. How much does hair spa and hair colouring service ups cost?

Hair spa - Rs. 1500

Hair colouring - Rs. 750

Please note that all the prices are indicative and can vary at the time inquiry.

Q. Are you looking to avail places that offer beauty parlour services at home near you?

When looking to avail beauty parlour services at home New Delhi offers you a number of places to choose from. You can find the nearest and best ones right here on Justdial. We offer you the most top-rated beauty places that offer home services near you.

Q. Do technicians providing beauty parlour services at home in Delhi bring their own kit?

Surely, they will bring all the necessary equipment required to carry out the service. For services like manicure and pedicure, you may just need to provide cold water.

Q. Can I book a technician of my choice?

Prominent salons providing beauty parlour services at home in Delhi give you the option of selecting a preferred technician, subject to availability.

Q. Do salons providing beauty parlour services at home offer package deals?

Yes, some of these salons offer package deals and great discounts.

Q. Do they accept online payments?

Many prominent parlours providing beauty parlour services at home in Delhi provide multiple payment options including online payment while some accept only cash. Please check with them on the accepted modes of payment at the time of booking a service.

Q. Are hair services provided by technicians offering beauty parlour services at home in Delhi?

Most of them offer hair services like hair cutting, hair colour, hair styling, etc. Please do confirm this at the time of booking.

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