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Air Cooler has become an important thing for every home user, office schools, colleges and health care center Etc.

As Air Cooler help us to maintain the temperature of the room. So if Air Cooler will not work as per your expectation then it can put you in a bad mood.

So, keep your Air Cooler in a good condition so that you can use the thing for which you have purchased it. The safety of your Air Cooler is your responsibility.

Eventually if you get any fault in your Air Cooler then no need to be worry about that because you are at right place.

Here you can find capable Air Cooler repair professionals whenever you want. Our Strong presence in the industry is the proof.

With the Local Vyapar, fulfill any and every urgent day to day need easily and conveniently. We are always happy to help you. 

Get Air Cooler Repair Service in New Delhi near you within 90 minutes with 30 day post-service guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. Our 4.3+ rated experts are background verified & trained, they service all brands and models. If you're tired of the frequent breakdown of your Air Cooler in winters, then don't worry, we've got you covered. We understand how frustrating it can get and thus give you a platform to hire the best technicians to undertake Air Cooler repair service near you. Relax and leave Air Cooler maintenance on the shoulders of trusted LocalVyapar experts.

Local Vyapar is the platform where you can find the right service professional for your air coolers. So leave all the tensions of your service related issues on Local Vyapar and live your life hassle free. 

How it works?

Q. How to hire a professional from Local Vyapar?

Since we connect you with the best service professional, we need your requirements in a detailed manner. So first you insert your search in the search bar and fill up the details asked in the form. You need to fill up your location so that we can match with the best service professional near by you. After submitting the details, matched professionals will get in touch with you and you can check, compare their ratings, reviews, quotes and hire the right professional.

Q. Why LocalVyapar?

- We follow certain parameters and process to onboard service professionals on our platform which includes not only their portfolio, document verification but also their background checks to ensure the best quality for our customer.

- We make sure about delivering services with in your budget and that's why keep the affordablity factor in mind while onboarding the professionals and designing the further process.

- Customers are the top most priority for LocalVyapar and we make sure about 100% customer satisfaction and assist our customers personally if required anytime.

- We closely monitor all our service professionals and the services delivered by them. We have strict guidelines for them to follow and to maintain the quality standard we take strong actions against like blacklist, refund, penalty on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How the payments will be done for service?

The service professional will send you the link via sms or email where from you can pay the amount through credit card, debit card, netbanking and you can also pay by cash when service professional come to your doorstep. 

Q. Will I be able to see the portfolio and discuss with the professional before hiring?

Yes. You can check their portfolio or even can ask them to share more work once you get the contact details of service professional. You can have a detailed discussion before hiring any service professional.

Q. What are the common issues in Air Cooler?

The most common cooling system problems fall into three common areas such as overcooling, high heat and noise. The fourth problem is internal engine overheating. This is visualised as burned valves or scuffed pistons or rings, caused by overheating of the internal parts.

This guide will help you to take the first step in identifying these problems by explaining what could go wrong.

The troubles which usually occur in the cooling systems are as follows,

  1. Loss of liquids coolant due to leaks.
  2. Overheating.
  3. Overcooling.
  4. Incorrect temperature gauge reading.
  5. Noise.
  6. Frozen coolant.

1. Loss of liquids coolant due to leaks

The liquid coolant may leak from the cooling system. The External leaks can be noted by inspection, as the coolant comes out from the system.

The internal leak may allow some coolant to drain into the engine oil and are caused by a faulty head gasket, loose cylinder head, cracked or wrapped head or cracked engine block.

If the leak is very great, it will raise the lubricating oil level in the oil pan. An internal leak may also produce clouds of white vapour in the exhaust gases.

2. Overheating

Overheating are one of the main cooling system problems. It is caused by the insufficient quantity of water in the cooling system, coolant loss. Overheating without coolant loss. Overheating caused by factors outside of the cooling system.

It is also caused by the clogged radiator and water passages, slipping from a belt, inoperative thermostat, late ignition timing, incorrect valve timing, pre-ignition, too tight bearings, too low engine oil level, clogged exhaust system, etc.

3. Overcooling

An engine is said to be overcooled if it is running below the normal operating range. This problem generally appears in the winter because the heater does not work. Overcooling is caused by a thermostat that opens too soon or remains open at all times. It is also caused by the coolant by pass valve remaining open. The thermostat is usually located inside the upper coolant outlet of the engine. Remove the thermostat, test for its faults and then replace it.

An overcooled engine can suffer from the following : 

  1. The engine does not achieve full power.
  2. Increased cylinder wear.
  3. Lower thermal efficiency i.e. more consumption of fuel.
  4. The oil does not thin out properly and increases the amount of fluid friction loss.

4. Incorrect Temperature Gauge Reading

The temperature indicator or gauge fitted on the instrument panel may be faulty to give the incorrect reading. If it is faulty, it should be either replaced or correct. A rapid check is no measure of the temperature of the cooling water in the radiator upper tank with a thermometer and compares it with the reading of the gauge.

5. Noise

Noises in the cooling system may occur due to the dry bearing, a loose pulley on the pump shaft, an impeller loose on the shaft, or two much end plat in the shaft. Some pumps require the addition of a special water-pump lubricant to the coolant by which the operation becomes noiseless.

6. Frozen Coolant

The water may freeze in the cooling system, especially when the car is parked where the temperature is below the freezing point. This fails the cooling system completely and may cause serious breakage of any part of the system. It is always advisable to check the cooling system for possible damage by the frozen coolant before operating the vehicle.

If the coolant is frozen, the engine can be tun at idling speed until it reaches a temperature of 200°C. During this operation, any loss of coolant due to the formation of steam must be continually replenished in order to keep the system as nearly as full as possible. The vehicle should not be driven until the entire coolant is in circulation in the system.

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